At Groeve, we make beautiful timepieces of the highest quality by combining contemporary Dutch Design with high-end Dutch made technology and innovative materials. Dutch Design is simple and powerful. We want to bring this Dutch Design into the Swiss dominated luxury watch market. Elevate the essence of watch design. For those who do not thrive on history, we look forward and offer a piece of legacy which is still in time a lifetime from today.


In times where Swiss Made doesn’t mean a lot anymore, we set the goal to make a high-end watch in the Netherlands. We want to make “Dutch Made” a new standard in the watch industry. Except for the self-winding Swiss movement, all parts are entirely made, hand finished and assembled in the Netherlands.

Stand the
layers of time

Our watch and its packaging are designed to stand the layers of time. We gave them the mechanical features to last centuries. An artifact for the future. But our planet is getting worn out, and we want her to make it there as well. We must appreciate all the genius mechanisms, patterns, systems, layers, minerals and organisms she has to offer.

Our love for materials and patterns inspired us to create a piece that’s balanced and has the same beauty you see in nature. Reflections of the environment. Rays of light guiding to the core. Golden accents - just enough to give it that sunshine sparkle. For now, this is the start of a journey exploring the endless materials and patterns the world has to offer. With the profits we make we want to give our fair share back to preserve our world for many generations to come.

Our first collaboration is with the Jane Goodall Foundation. It is founded by dr. Jane Goodall to protect the chimpanzees and their habitat. For every watch sold we support the Jane Goodall Institute for two years. By conserving the natural world we all share, the Jane Goodall Institute improves the lives of people, animals and the environment.