Groeve is the Dutch word for quarry, an area that is dug out from a piece of land in order to extract stone or minerals. Delving down the layers of the earth to get to a raw but precious material. It is our job to take that material and carve it into something more meaningful. Bring it down to the essence and elevate it. Enter the Groeve. All the way down to the core.




By combining contemporary Dutch Design and the Dutch technological excellence, we created a piece of mechanical craftsmanship with a simple and powerful design.




Only twenty four timepieces are made in this first series. The Groeve First Edition watch is constructed out of elements all made of solid 316L stainless steel. With multiple layers we managed to get a clear readable dial with a lot of depth. We want to make “Dutch Made” a new standard in the watch industry. Except for the self-winding Swiss movement, all parts are entirely made, hand finished and assembled in the Netherlands.

With a highly accurate 5-axis Kern cnc machine, all parts are cut from solid pieces. By switching from matt to polished surfaces, each part is threaded differently to create a unique effect of endless depth. This steel got a special treatment to make it scratch resistant, so it can stand the layers of time. A piece of legacy which is still in time a lifetime from today.