Meet the team

Groeve is founded by two Dutch Industrial Designers, Jeroen Schwering and Tim Braams, who found each other in the love for watches. The idea of starting a Dutch high-end watch brand came to life during their student life at the Delft University of Technology. 

Tim progressed more towards the aesthetics part of design. He designed multiple industrial products for HEMA. In his designs he is looking for the essence of a product, which results in a simple but powerful design. Something Dutch Design is well known for. He saw an opportunity to bring this Dutch Design into the Swiss dominated luxury watch market. 

Jeroen also has his say in the aesthetic part, but developed a strong skill set of technical engineering. While building up years of experience in the technical branch, Groeve was his passion project on the side where he could apply his developed skill set.

Developing a high-end watch made in the Netherlands required us to find the right partner: Mevi engineering, located in Helmond, the Netherlands. Mevi believed in the project from the start and gave full support from their technical team to make it happen. “Whatever the challenge, we will build it” is their slogan. For Mevi it became a prestige project, to showcase what they can do with such extreme precision.